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What to Do When Your Child is Home Sick (and Bored!)

January 31,2013

As we all know, it's cold and flu season. Yuck!

I hope that you and your family have (so far!) avoided the worst of it. However, if you have a school-aged child who has come down with a sickness that warrants him or her to stay home from school, let me just say-- I feel your pain!

Yes, it's true that when kids are sick, their energy levels are diminished. But, as most parents know, a child's diminished energy level is still often times much higher than an adult's, and when your child is home sick from school, you might find that it doesn't take long for both of you to start climbing the walls with boredom.

So, what can you do when you and your child are stuck home sick? Try some of these (low energy) activities to help keep cabin fever at bay.

I hope I gave you a good arsenal of ideas for the next time you've got a sick and bored child at home. For even more ideas, check out these activities and crafts for kids and these indoor activities for all ages.

Stay healthy, everyone!