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Walmart worker killed in shopping stampede

December 01,2008

The day after Thanksgiving is famously known as Black Friday -- the day when stores open before sunrise and offer huge discounts on everything ranging from clothes to electronics. Many people eagerly anticipate the deals to be had, and look forward to getting their Christmas shopping started (or finished), but the incident that happened this past Friday in Long Island, NY both shocked and disgusted me. An employee was trampled to death by early morning shoppers as he unlocked the doors to the Walmart where he was temporarily working during the holiday season.

As many as 2,000 shoppers surged through the doors, and investigators estimate the man was stepped on by hundreds of people for several minutes before a space was finally cleared around him. By the time paramedics got to him, it was too late, and he died shortly after. While EMTs attempted to revive the victim, people continued to shop, too focused on their own agenda to be bothered with what had just happened.

This blatant disregard for human life is one of the most appalling stories I have ever heard.  Since when do material possessions trump human life? Isn't the Christmas season supposed to be about giving and sharing? How did this happen? This is the one time of year people are meant to think of others, and the crowd at this Long Island Walmart responded by killing a man due to their own selfish egoism. And now this man's family will have to spend the rest of their Christmases without him.

The people who are responsible for this tragic incident acted like bloodthirsty savages. Their prey? A new television. Or a new pair of jeans. Or some other equally materialistic product. Whatever their motivation, this atrocious incident is inexcusable.

We'd like your thoughts on what happened, and on how you think something like this could be avoided in the future.