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Trendy Infant Clothes All the Rage?

August 23,2010
Denim diapers? Skinny jeans and leggings for babies? What is going on here? Apparently young children now have more fashion sense than I do! Trendy infant fashions are quickly becoming a hot commodity, with stores stocking up on mini versions of denim diapers, trendy designer skinny jeans, and even mini high heeled shoes made to fit tiny toddler feet. Really? High heels? I can't even suffer for more than an hour without wanting to take my heels off and slip into a nice pair of comfy flip flops. How do kids have a higher foot pain threshold than me? Is Suri Cruise the trend-setter? Possibly. Recent photos of her have shown Katie Holmes' mini-me hitting the streets decked out in killer heels, cute tutus, and...get this...lipstick! Shortly after that is when Huggies® diapers debuted their newest creation- denim diapers for the little budding infant fashionistas out there. Cute, but I'm not sure how I feel about this. Of course these kids look adorable in their little outfits, but really-- is this necessary? What happened to ripped jeans and t-shirts happily stained with remnants of ice cream cones and mud? Are kids really now too cool for all the happy (read: messy) things I remember about childhood? What are your thoughts on these fashion trends hitting the streets? Are they cute? Or is this another worrisome reminder that kids are growing up way too fast these days?