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Tossing and turning...are more people suffering from insomnia?

January 12,2009

I'm someone who normally has no problem sleeping. As soon as my head hits the pillow, I'm out like a light and don't wake up until my alarm blares the next morning. However, as I lay awake last night unable to drift off, I began to wonder why I've been having trouble sleeping lately. Funny enough, I had read an article in a magazine that same day that said more and more young adults are having the very same problem.

The National Center for Sleep Disorders says about 40% of adults are suffering from insomnia. 40%!!! That's almost half of all adults! What in the world is causing this? Is it stress? Is it our lifestyle? Is it something we're eating? Are we just evolving into a species that doesn't require sleep?

I suppose for me it's stress. But I've always been stressed out, and that's never stopped me from sleeping before. So maybe it's my lifestyle, and the idea that getting eight hours of sleep every night is now considered a luxury instead of the norm. Lack of sleep can have long-term consequences, so needless to say I'm hoping my new nocturnal tendencies aren't permanent. Although, I will say that 2 a.m. is a great time to get some good reading in.

So I'm asking all of you have trouble sleeping? What do you think causes your sleeplessness? And more importantly, how do you deal with it?