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February 09,2009
Yes, that's right--my title just about says it all. On February 18, I'm going under for my very first surgery. A surgery that most people have when they are, say, six or younger. However, I seem to catch strep throat by simply breathing, and I get some form of sore throat at least three or four times a year. So alas, my doctor finally advised me to have my tonsils out. I hate to sound whiny, or complain too much, because I know this is a relatively minor surgery...or "procedure," as they so kindly call it. However, I'm sick of hearing from everyone else that I'll be "just fine" and "it won't be so bad." Unless they've had this done themselves, I don't want to hear it. I don't want some sugar-coated version of what to expect. I want to know every single detail, so I'm not taken by surprise by anything during my recovery. I can definitely say I am NOT looking forward to this "procedure." So, I'm writing to you all for some advice, any advice really, on what to do to make the recovery even just a tiny bit better. Have you had your tonsils out? Have your children? If so, what did you find worked the best to relieve the pain, or at least take your mind off of it?