Tips to Talk About Disabilities

Wed, 27/08/2014

Whether it's a classmate who is on the autism spectrum or a loved one with muscular dystrophy, your child probably has someone in her life with a disability that she might have questions about. When she comes to you, are you prepared to answer them?

Talking about disabilties doesn't have to be difficult, and it doesn't have to involved a big, sit-down conversation. Children are naturally curious, of course, but they are also incredibly accepting. It's natural for your child to ask questions when she sees someone who might look or act different than her, and it's important to let her know that it's ok to notice. Talking as openly and honestly as you can is the first step in having a conversation about people with disabilities. These 6 tips can help make your conversation easier, and will help guide you in answering your child's questions.

Does your child have a friend or family member who has a disability? Do you have any other tips or conversation starters when talking to your child about someone with disabilites?