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There's a New Class at School-- How to Be a Beauty Queen

October 05,2012

How would you feel if your child's elementary school held a beauty pageant and encouraged him/her to participate?

Would you compare it to a sporting event?

That's what one school in South Carolina is doing. And parents aren't happy about it. At all.

According to a flier sent home, each contestant would be judged based on his/her facial beauty, personality, and overall appeal.

Prizes would be awarded for "Best Eyes," "Best Hair," "Best Smile," "Best Dressed," and "Most Beautiful," which would be "based upon the contestant's facial beauty score only."Contestants were given instructions in the flier how to walk, turn, and pose for the judges.

The winners would be dubbed Warrior King and Queen, and would represent their school at various functions throughout the year.

According to some, including one organizer who is a national certified pageant judge whose daughter participates in various contests, think it's no different than a star athlete shining in their particular sport.

Others, including many parents, think it can damage their children's self-esteem and lead to potentially severe problems like eating disorders and distorted body image.

What do you think? Are beauty pageants appropriate in elementary schools? Do they encourage or damage self-esteem? Would you let your child participate?

My first thought when I read this article was the television series Honey Boo Boo and Toddlers and Tiaras. I don't watch those shows, but if seen snippets of each and in all honestly, I can't say I support them. There just seems something wrong about dressing up young children in makeup and grown up clothes and having them prance across a stage to be judged.

But, I also don't have any experience with these pageants. So, if you are a supporter, enlighten me. And if you aren't, what so you think is wrong with them?

Weigh in!