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Teen's Death Calls Attention to Food Allergies

August 01,2013

I hate it when a sad tragedy brings attention to an issue.

In this case, it's the death of a 13-year-old that is bringing attention to the dangers of food allergies.

Natalie Giorgi was at camp with her family in Sacremento, CA, when she bit into a Rice Krispie treat that was laced with chocolate and peanut butter. Giorgi was severely allergic to peanuts, and immediately spit the bite out. Sadly, she still went into anaphylactic shock, and, despite repeated attempts to stem the attack with medication, died in her father's arms.

Her heart-broken family is hoping that their story will help bring to light how dangerous, and deadly, food allergies can be.

With the start of the school year quickly approaching, please remember that children with food allergies can be at risk, even if just in the presence of the offending food. Check with your child's school for any food bans, and, if your child has an allergy, educate her to always know the ingredients of a food before eating it (and avoid it if the ingredients are unknown.) Many packaged foods may come in contact with allergens, such as peanuts, even if they don't contain them in their list of ingredients.

Our heart's go out to Natalie's family, and we can only hope that this tragedy will help bring to light the dangers that severe food allergies can cause.

Find more information and resources on food allergies, and get some ideas for nut-free school lunches, here: