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Teacher Suspended for Facebook Post

April 04,2011

A first-grade teacher in New Jersey was suspended on Friday for comments she made about her students on her facebook page.

Although many school districts don't have a social media policy, it usually depends on a per case basis whether or not any action will be taken.

In this case, district officials allege that the comments not only show bad judgment, but are also inappropriate and hurtful to students. (The teacher in question allegedly wrote on her page that she felt like a "warden" and referred to her students as future criminals.)

This case isn't the only one to make headlines. In April 2009, a Swiss woman was fired for going on facebook after she had called in sick to her job.

And in February, a woman won a wrongful termination suit brought against her company after she was fired for bad-mouthing her boss on her page.

All of these cases point toward a shift in social media, where the boundary between work and personal lives is growing grayer and grayer. Where is the privacy line? How accessible should your personal page be to your boss and co-workers?

For me, it's easy-- I'm not facebook friends with anyone I work with. It's not anything personal, it's just  my way of keeping some sort of professional relationship with my co-workers in a world that already has way too much access to my personal life.

And I certainly don't ever use a social networking site to vent about any work-related stresses I'm having.

Oh yeah-- and my page is set to private so anyone I'm not friends with has very limited access to any of my information.

Now that I think about it, it's actually pretty simple to keep your personal life semi-private from people you don't want viewing your information. Sure, your friends are privy to a lot of information (probably more than they care to know), but most social media sites have pretty decent privacy settings to keep something like this story from happening.

What are you thoughts? Do you think the teacher deserves to be fired? Or do you think her personal facebook page should remain just that-- personal? Do you use facebook as a means to vent about your job? Tell us your thoughts!