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Stem cell research

March 09,2009
Today, President Obama is expected to lift an eight-year ban on stem cell research, which was imposed by former President George W. Bush. Although it may be months before new guidelines will be established by the National Institutes of Health, this action by the president is already being applauded by researchers and supporters, including actor Michael J. Fox. Fox, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, has been an outspoken advocate for stem cell research for years. Supporters also believe this measure will keep the U.S. up-to-date with other countries in the areas of stem cell science and research. This is obviously a sensitive topic for many Americans, with opinions falling on both sides of the spectrum. I personally believe this is a giant step toward finding cures and treatments for many diseases. The previous ban prevented scientists from researching possible avenues that could potentially save the lives of thousands of Americans. How do you feel about stem cell research? Do you feel it is a necessary advance for scientific research, or do you feel it is the destruction of human life?