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Seattle Breaking Ground for Self-Sustaining Forest

April 20,2012

In honor of Earth Day on Sunday, I wanted to give props to Seattle for their most recent project-- building a massive, edible forest just outside the city, free to the public.

Yes you read that right-- Massive. Edible Forest. Free!

The city has already broken ground on the dedicated 7 acres of land just 2.5 miles outside of Seattle. Among the trees that will be planted are apple, pear, permisson, chestnut, and walnut, and will be availble to all Seattle residents and visitors, both human and otherwise.

The hope is for the forest to eventually become completely self-sustaining. Although it will take several years to develop, people who have access to the bounty will eventually be able to enjoy the free fruits and nuts it will provide, offering healthy, natural, and environmentally-friendly foods that some families might be able to afford otherwise.

This project is believed to be the first of it's kind in the U.S. You can read more about it here.

How does your family celebrate Earth Day? While you might not be able to build a giant edible forest, there are plenty smaller-scale things you can do the help make your home more environmentally-friendly. Check out these ideas:


Happy Earth Day!