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Saddest kid's movies of all time

June 11,2009
Anyone in their 20's or older often looks back fondly on how things "used to be". Well, maybe 20's is a little young to be thinking that way, but at the ripe old age of 26, there have been a couple of times when I've gotten a little nostalgic for the good old days that didn't require having an electronic device attached to your body 24/7. But I digress. I'll save that rant for another post. This post, my dear readers, is dedicated to... Bambi! Well, kinda. Everyone who has seen this movie classic, raise your hand. Now, my next question is, are you emotionally scarred from watching it? Did you have nightmares for weeks after Bambi's poor mom was cold-heartedly shot during hunting season? Did your parents even think twice about letting you watch it? While perusing the internet, I ran across a link on AOL with this little countdown: Saddest animal movie deaths of all time. As I was clicking through, I fondly remembered watching several of these movies as a kid, and, for the most part, no horrible memories of death and dying popped into my head. Key words: for the most part. I was ok through Bambi, and Land Before Time, and The Lion King. Here I was, feeling all warm and fuzzy while remembering all these movies from my childhood...when I got to number one. Artax, from The Neverending Story. OK, does anyone else have horrid memories of this poor horse drowning in that swamp/quicksand? I'm not even sure how old I was when I first saw that movie, but that is seriously the only scene that stands out in my head. (Well, that and the scene where the kid is riding on that giant winged creature thing...what was it called again?) And yeah, I'll admit it, I still got a little sad when I remembered it. In fact, it brought back the exact feelings I felt when I first saw that movie...a weird creepy feeling that I will never tromp through a swamp for fear of sinking like poor, poor Artax. Granted, I've seen most Disney movies, most of which have death/dying/evil in them, and I've grown up into a decent individual, as did my siblings, cousins, and friends who have all seen those movies too. No deep lingering fears or abnormal phobias here. So my question to all you out there (whether you were a child when these movies came out, or a mother with a young child): Do you have an issue with these movies, where death and dying plays a major role in the film? Would you have a problem letting your child watch, say, Bambi, or the Lion King, or Old Yeller, even if there is death and dying in it? Do you think parents these days are a little too overprotective about these kinds of things? In any case, enjoy clicking through that list of movies. Dead characters or not, it's sure to bring back some find memories from your childhood.