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Prince Harry is in town

June 01,2009
I've been sitting here contemplating exactly what I want to write about for the better part of today. So many interesting (and frightening, and happy) things have happened to me and around the world over the weekend, that my writing should know no bounds. I should have a plethora of things to write about. For example, I could write about my cousin's beautiful wedding shower this past weekend (and a few tips on wedding shower etiquette to boot). Or I could write about the disappearance of Air France flight 447 carrying 228 people from Rio de Janiero to Paris. And, although I didn't watch them, I could even write about the MTV movie awards, and the stunt that is making more headlines than the award winners themselves. But no. Every time I try to think of something interesting and worthwhile to write about, my mind keeps wandering to New York. Not New York specifically, more the person in New York. The charming handsome person visiting from across the pond. That's right people...I'm talking about Prince Harry. Sigh. Just watching the interview he gave to Matt Lauer made me giddy. I mean seriously, who can resist that English accent?? It made me swoon like an eighth grader with a crush. Let's face it people. He's every girl's dream. But before I go off on a superficial tangent on how good-looking Prince Harry is, I think it's also important to commend him for the reasons why he is here. I'm not too young to remember when Princess Diana was killed. In fact, I still remember the day, and who exactly told me the news. I even drove through the tunnel she was killed in while on a high school trip abroad. And it's sad to think that she has been gone for so long. Princess Diana was one of those rare celebrities who had a real connection with common people, and she used that talent and her world-wide recognition to help make the world a better place. And it's encouraging to see that her son is attempting to carry on her legacy by doing much of the same things. Harry's visit over here has included laying a wreath at ground zero, visiting an organization aimed at helping families fight their way out of poverty, and playing in charity polo match. And many video clips have also shown him mingling and chatting easily with us common folks. And although Prince Harry has had his share of the spotlight (mostly unwelcomed, like his Swastika-bearing Halloween outfit that took the world by storm a few years back), it's nice to know he's also using the spotlight to shed light and much needed attention on important matters in the world. So I guess this post is a little more worthwhile than I thought. With so many celebrities caught up in the "I'm better than you" mentality, it's refreshing to see a young, charismatic (and did I mention gorgeous??) member of the royal family doing good in these hard times. His mother would be so proud. It just gives me yet another reason to adore Prince Harry. Sigh.