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Preschool Equals Potty Training Panic

August 23,2013

Finding a preschool, preparing for separation anxiety, fostering independence in your child — these are all things we think about when it's time for our little ones to head to preschool.


Potty training? Not so much. Of course it's on your radar, but potty training doesn't always immediately come to mind as you're getting ready to send your child off.

However, many preschools require that all children are potty trained. So, if your child is a late bloomer in the toilet department, you might find yourself panicking when you realize that preschool is right around the corner and your child has spent nary a minute on the throne.

(Others have been there, right??)

Before you freak out, check out our potty training resources. You might find a method that you haven't tried, and hopefully one that will work for you. Most are parent-approved from parents just like you!

Any more advice from parents of preschool-aged and/or potty trained tots?