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Is Potter Mania Coming Back?

September 28,2012

I'll admit it-- I loved the Harry Potter books. I was a little late to the game starting them, so the first 6 were out by the time I started reading.

I finished them all in about 2 months.

(Side note: How fast did you all read the books? I heard stories about some people finishing the new ones in a day, as soon as they came out. I read fast, but not that fast!)

Yep. The books were good. Really good. And I was a little sad when I finished the last one, especially since in past interviews, JK Rowling seemed pretty adamant that the Harry Potter chapter of her life was closed and that there would not be any prequels, sequels, or any other -quels, at all.

Wellllllll, don't lose hope fellow Potter maniacs. In a new interview conducted by the BBC, Rowling said she would consider writing another Harry Potter book-- with stipulations, of course.

She said she would write another Potter book only if she had a "great idea."  As she told the BBC, ""I don't want to go mechanically back in to that world and pick up loads of odds and ends and glue them together and go 'here we go.’ It would make a mockery of what those books mean to me."

She goes on to say that any new book would not center around Harry-- his story is done. Instead, it would center around other characters, making any new book more of a "sidestep" than a prequel or sequel.

However, don't start lining up yet. Rowling doesn't have any future Harry Potter spinoffs in the works, and she has made it pretty clear that she doesn't feel pressured to write any new ones just for the sake of getting something else out to the public.

As she puts it, the only way she'll write a book now, after her massive success, is if she genuinely has something to say, and wants to publish.

With that said, how excited would you be for another Potter-esque book? Would you read it? Or are you happy with the way the Potter series ended and have no desire spoil that?

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