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Pinterest + Monstrosity = Pinstrosity!

August 29,2012

By now we've all heard of Pinterest, right?

(PS....we're on it!)

Anyway, we also all know that Pinterest is loaded with adorable craft ideas, DIY home projects, delicious recipes, homemade products....the list could go on.

I remember when I first created my personal account for Pinterest, I literally went nuts pinning almost everything I saw. It was all cute! And it all looked so easy!! My inner Martha Stewart was chomping at the bit to try all the wonderful ideas I pinned.

What nobody tells you is, some of the "easy DIY" stuff you see on Pinterest is not easy. Professionals make it look easy, but alas, unless you've got enough tools and patience to make Tim the Toolman Taylor jealous (how'd you like that 90's sitcom reference?), most stuff you find on Pinterest should be left to those who are handy with a hammer. (Or oven, or hot glue gun.)

The good news is, other's Pinterest disasters are now your reading delight! Check out this hysterical new blog called Pinstrosity.

You've probably guessed what it is...other's attempts at all those awesome pins they've seen, thinking they'd be way easier than they actually are.

I'm not going to lie, purusing this blog made me feel a teeny bit better about my own less-than-stellar Pinterest results. While most of my Pinterest-inspired creations have been recipes (some good, some not), I've only tried one craft that I saw. Behold, the Paint Chip Picture (this is the original pin, not my creation):


(Pinned from this website) Cute, right? And, I mean, how hard could it be? It's paint chips. Pre-cut, pre-colored paint chips. All you gotta do it line them up and glue them down.

I decided to give this project a shot one weekend afternoon. Ready for my finished project?

Behold, my Paint Chip Picture:


What do you think? Pinstrosity, or fairly decent replica? Don't worry-- I won't be offended if you think it's the former. :)

Have you had any Pinterest fails worthy of this new blog? We'd love to hear! And don't be embarassed-- we've all been there!