North Carolina Rethinks Common Core

Wed, 21/01/2015

North Carolina was one of the first states to adopt the Common Core Standards, and now might be one of the first to repeal it. Lawmakers in the state say parents are unhappy with, or confused by, the homework given to their children, while others see it simply as a political agenda. No matter what the complaints, the state is now considering whether the initiative simply needs some tweaks, or needs to be scrapped all together.

North Carolina's rethinking of the system is hardly surprising. In the 5 years since the Common Core Standards were rolled out in 45 states, the initiative is still being met with conflicting results. While the goal of the Standards is clear enough — to help students across all states compete with other students on a national and global scale, and ultimately prepare all graduating high school students for a 2- or 4-year college program, or the workforce — the curriculum itself can be confusing and frustrating for students and parents. Some parents even find they can no longer help their kids with their homework because they simply don't understand "new math" or the language arts standards the Common Core demands.

What are your thoughts on the Common Core? Do you think it's a needlessly confusing inititative, or do you think it will give today's students an extra edge in the world? And how do you help your child with his homework if he's struggling with "new math?"