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Monday's Health Tip for Today: No Sneakers? No Problem!

August 03,2009
Behold, the beauty of change! Going forward, every Monday I will no longer be blogging about the goings on in the world and my humble opinion on various news. Instead, I'll be putting my expertise to good use and will be bringing you a plethora of health tips...exercise moves, inspiring quotes, interesting nutritional information, and any other healthy living tidbits that come to me or I come across during the week. I know how crazy a typical day can be for most people, so most entries will be easy to read and, if it's a new exercise move, easy to execute. This week, I'd like to start off with the basics. Did you know you are most likely walking wrong? Sure, most people know stiletto heels aren't exactly good for walking, or even standing. (I personally have never mastered any heel over 2 inches. )But, when it comes to exercise, what many people don't know is that sneakers can be detrimental to your workout, and your feet! Aside from running, I personally have started working out barefoot, and am amazed at how different (and awesome) my workout feels. So, check out the article, and give it a shot. (I will point out, most gyms have a "No Sneakers, No Workout" policy, so you may have to try it in the comfort of your own home or with a personal trainer.) And be sure to let me know how it goes!