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Monday's Health Tip: Take Care of Yourself

December 14,2009
This time of year, especially for parents of little ones, can be insanely hectic. Often times, most people are so busy running around, worrying about Christmas parties, shopping, baking, etc., etc., etc. that most don't think to slow down and take it easy for a few minutes. Coming from someone who is currently recovering from H1N1 (yep, I got it!), I can't stress to you enough how important this is. I'm not good at being sick. Even if I'm on my death bed, I feel guilty about not being able to work, go to the gym, clean, cook, go out with friends, etc. I got sick last Tuesday night, and my roommates practically had to force me to admit that there was no way I was going into work the next day. I figured I'd only need one day to get better (Hey, it was just swine flu. No biggie!) Boy oh boy was I wrong. This flu had me down and out for almost all of last week. But, being my stubborn self, I still wouldn't admit to myself that I needed rest and sleep. It was only because I physically could not get out of bed that I refrained from getting up and going to work. So my tip to you fellow readers this Monday: If you are sick, take the time you need to get better. Your body knows how to heal itself if you just let it. Getting up, going to work, and "sucking it up" will not make you better. And it took many friends and co-workers to convince me of this, too. If you're unlucky enough to get the flu this season, stay home and sleep. Yes, tea and soup helps, but I honestly think that sleeping is the best way for your body to get to work fighting off whatever nasty germs you have in your body. And I promise you, people will understand, and they'll get by without you for a few days. Besides, no offense, but if you've got the flu, they probably don't want you within 100 feet of them anyway. As for me, I'm feeling better. I'm definitely not 100%, and any little bit of exertion still leaves me exhausted. But at least the worst of it is over, and I should be flu-free for the rest of the winter! Have you had swine flu? What are your recommendations for overcoming this nasty sickness?