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Monday's Health Tip: Remember the Suncreen

November 16,2009
I know this may seem like an odd post for this time of year, but actually, it's not! Summer may be over, but that doesn't mean the sun goes into hibernation mode. So many people forget about the sun in the winter months, but it's important to remember you can still get quite a nasty burn if you're not careful. I'm one of those people who burns at the drop of a dime. I've even been known to get sunburns when it's cloudy. I know, it's ridiculous. So, before you head outside to enjoy the fall weather, slap some sunscreen on your face, ears, and exposed skin. And don't forget the lather up before you hit the ski slopes this winter. The sun reflecting up off that bright white powder is a sunburned face waiting to happen. While your at it, make sure to grab your sunglasses too. A new study found the sun can be just as damaging to your eyes as it is to your skin if unprotected. It's hard to think the winter sun can do any damage to your skin, but it can. Stay (sun) safe, and continue to enjoy the nice weather while you can!