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Monday's Health Tip: Ice vs. Heat

December 21,2009
It's four days before Christmas, which means each and every one of you has tons of time to get to the gym to workout. Wait, what's that? You don't? You're still shopping, and baking, and decorating?? Silly me! I just assumed you were all completely organized and all set for Christmas! The fact of the matter is, most people don't have any time to get to the gym this time of year, which means the times they do go, they tend to overdo it. In an effort to burn off all the cookies, candy, and holiday treats they've consumed over the past month, people will try to go all-out in just 30 minutes on the treadmill. And this is the perfect recipe for disaster. Your chances of injuring yourself skyrocket. I'm not here to lecture you all on how bad this is for your body because, chances are, you won't listen to me. Instead, I'm going to offer this helpful article on how to help treat and relieve your aching muscles. It summarizes the pros and cons of using ice and heat for any muscular injuries, and helps decide which is best for treating which types of injuries. Remember, always get permission from your doctor before starting any exercise program, and always get an injury checked out if you think it might be serious. So, please. Exercise safely. Try not to overdo it. But if you do, this guide can help you feel better. Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with family, friends, and loved ones!