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Monday's Health Tip: Are Cell Phones Bad for You?

May 17,2010
It's no secret that everyone owns a cell phone these days. Moms, dads, young children, and older grandparents- chances are everyone you know owns, and uses, a portable phone. I know I do. I don't remember the last time I talked on a land line. My roommates and I do have one in our apartment, but I can honestly say it's never been used. In fact, we were talking the other day about how we should have it removed, since our main mode of communication is our cell phones. Long term use of cell phones, however, is one gray area that many experts aren't too sure about. The Interphone study was a decade-long study being conducted that many hoped would shed light on the side effects of cell phone use, mainly brain tumors. Unfortunately, the just released findings of the study were inconclusive. I, personally, can see why this study was flawed. It defined "regular cell phone use" as someone who used a cell phone at least once a week. Once a WEEK?? Most people use their cell phone multiple times a day! Perhaps it's time to start a new study with updated data. Although I'm sure in 10 years, the data will be much different than it is today, much like it's much different today than it was 10 years ago. What about you? Do you use your cell phone a lot? And if so, are you concerned about any health effects it may have on you in the long run?