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Louisiana School Changes Policy on Forced Pregnancy Testing

August 14,2012

Dehli Charter School in Louisiana has been banned from acting on its policy that requires any student suspected of being pregnant to be medically tested, and, if pregnant, to be homeschooled.

You probably read (or found out on Facebook/Twitter) about this uproar last week about the school's long-standing policy. And although the school claims that they have never had any complaints from students or parents, they issued a statement shortly after the story hit the Internet saying the policy will be reviewed by a team of lawyers to make sure it was in full compliance with the law.

This statement also came after the school  recieved a letter criticizing the policy and calling it unconstitutional from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). According to the ACLU, it violates Title IX which requires equal educational opportunities for both sexes.

According to the policy, in addition to forced pregnancy testing, any student found to be pregnant would not be permitted to attend classes on campus and instead be offered homeschooling opportunities. If those opportunuties are denied by the student, she will be counceled to seek other educational opportunities. 

If a female student refuses a pregnancy test, she is treated as a pregnant student and subjected to the above consequences.

No policy is in place for males thought to be the father.

Essentially, the policy denies any pregnant or suspected pregnant teen an education. The ACLU noted in their letter that about 70 percent of pregnant students drop out of school mainly due to the discrimination they face. Obviously Dehli Charter's pregnancy policy and treatment of pregnant teens is a major offender.

The state of Louisiana quickly struck down the policy and banned the school from engaging in the discriminatory testing.

With all that being said, does this policy, whether still in effect or not, make you angry? Do you think a school has the right to forcibly test a girl for pregnancy and subsequently ban her from the classroom? What would do if this was your child's school's policy? Tell us your thoughts!