Kid-Made Masterpieces: How to Decorate with Your Child’s Artwork

Mon, 09/11/2015

Is your child’s artwork beginning to take over the fridge or pile up in a corner somewhere? That’s no way to treat your favorite masterpieces! We’ve partnered with Shutterfly to highlight beautiful ways to save and display your child's artwork. Take a look!

Consider not only how to preserve your child's most beloved creations, but why. Whether you realize it or not, kids' arts and crafts are more than meets the eye. Every finger painting, playdough sculpture, and "all about me" collage offers a glimpse into your child’s vibrant imagination and sense of self, and is even a reflection of important developmental milestones for that moment in time. Think about the first star your child proudly drew on his own, or the day she captured a truly recognizable family portrait (crayon on construction paper, circa 1st grade). These creations are symbols of your child's independence and creative growth.

So your child's artwork is really something to celebrate, and Shutterfly's home décor store offers some beautiful ways to do just that. My personal favorites include a "You are my sunshine" print featuring baby's tiny handprints, a pictogram serving tray that can display snapshots of 12 kid-made masterpieces, and a self-portrait plate featuring your child's colorful rendition of himself. How cool!

Rather than squirreling away every piece your child creates, only for it to end up a mangled mess in the attic someday, choose some favorites and give them the unique keepsake treatment they deserve. Your "Mini Monet" will be so proud — for posterity!