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Jamie Oliver-- Take 2

April 12,2011

Are you a fan of Jamie Oliver like I am? Then don't forget the season two premiere of Food Revolution starts tonight Tuesday)!

This season, he brings his wife and kids along as they take on Los Angeles, and from what I've seen in the previews, they aren't too happy to have him there.

I got addicted to this show last season, I think because I can really relate to the message he is trying to send.

Being a former employee in the fitness field, I am well aware of the obesity problem that is plaguing this country. And from what I've learned from last season, the scary truth is that laziness isn't soley to blame-- it's that most people are simply uneducated about health and nutrition.

And it's high time someone brought light to this issue. Michele Obama is working on doing her part with her Let's Move campaign, which is admirable, but I think it's great that Jamie is willing to put himself out there on television in an effort to do his part to help.

The scariest part of last season was when Jamie asked one mother to cook up an entire week's worth of food that she would normally serve to her family. When she was done, the table was covered in, literally, brown, deep-fried food. There were little to no vegetables, fruits, whole grains, or dairy products on the table.

Her freezer was full of frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets.

When Jamie saw what she was feeding her family, he promptly had her bury her deep fryer in the back yard, where the woman worried about how angry her husband was going to be when he found out she did that. (Um, excuse me...shouldn't you be more concerned about your children's health, or lack there of?)

So, I'm really excited to see how he does this season taking on a whole city, instead of just a small town. Will they be more open-minded and willing to learn? Or will they be offended that he thinks he needs to be there and will resist his efforts to make them healthier?

I guess I'll find out tonight! You should watch too!

And congratulations to our foodie blogger, Sweet Pea Chef, who's personal blog was nominated as one of Jamie's blogs of the month. What an honor!