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Jamie Oliver

April 05,2010
Have any of you watched Jamie Oliver's new show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? If you haven't, I highly suggest you start watching it, DVRing it, watching it on the Internet, or any other way possible. This guy is my new idol. I don't think it's any secret that school lunches these days leave A LOT to be desired. And given the ever-growing obesity epidemic among today's kids, I think it's disheartening (and downright scary) that the nation's schools aren't doing more to help curb it. Jamie Oliver actually found the unhealthiest town, in the unhealthiest state in America, and went into their elementary schools to see what they were feeding the kids. And what he found is awful. There were some kids who didn't even know what a tomato was. One family had a 16 year old girl who was given 6 years to live because of her weight. In one episode of Jamie's show, they were serving pizza to the kids. For breakfast. And guess what they called it? Breakfast Pizza. Ew! In the same episode, Jamie almost wasn't able to serve the kids the lunch he cooked because it didn't have 2 foods from the bread group. It didn't matter that his meal contained rice. The kids had to have another bread included. If he didn't include the bread, the school would serve their typical lunch. In the school's eyes, their meal was "healthier" because it had 2 breads. It didn't matter that it completely lacked fruits and vegetables, and was basically a processed pile of garbage. I cannot believe this epidemic has gotten to this point. So, Jamie Oliver, I applaud you. Have any of you caught this show yet? What is your opinion on the school lunches that are served to today's kids?