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Hemsworth Liked It and Put a Ring On It

June 13,2012

If you are a celebrity gossip fiend like me (call it a guilty pleasure!), I'm sure you've heard by now that Miley Cyrus is engaged to her boyfriend of 4-ish years Liam Hemsworth.

I say 4-ish years because the duo met and started dating in 2009 after meeting on the set of the movie The Last Song (I haven't seen the movie***, but apparently sparks flew between the two on set.).

***Ok fine. Yes I have. But who wants to admit that?

Anyway, they broke up briefly in 2010, obviously having worked out their differences.

Engagement rumors started circulating in March when Cyrus was spotted wearing a sparkler on her finger at an event in Arizona. But it wasn't until last week that their reps confirmed that Hemsworth officially put a ring on it.

A 3.5-carat diamond in 18-karat gold with carved diamond floral motifs in an art nouveau pattern so be exact.

So, what do you think of these two getting engaged at such a young age? Hemsworth is 22, while Cyrus clocks in at only 19 years old.

Keep in mind, Miley has always been a little, ahem, mature for her age. At only 15, she apologized after Vanity Fair published provacative pictures of her, causing many to question whether someone that young should have posed for them.

And don't forget the great Salvia Debacle when she was 18. (Cyrus later apologized for that too, saying smoking the natural herb was a "bad decision.")

Personally? Sure, I'm happy for them.

Do I think it will last? I'd like to say yes. But unfortunately, the odds are stacked very high against them. I don't have a lot of faith when celebrities decide to commit themselves to each other forever (let alone longer than a year **cough** Kim Kardashian **cough**)

Do you think this is too young for marriage? Or if they think it's right, more power to them?

How do you feel about celebrity marriages in general? Do they marry for the right reasons, or do you think they look at marriage too casually?