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Have You Seen The Parent Rap?

November 30,2012

No....that wasn't a typo and I didn't mean the Parent Trap.

There is a new youtube video called The Parent Rap from BLuefish TV that's taken the Internet by storm. It features a Mom and Dad rapping about what life is like raising a brood of kids.

Yep I that's what I said -- Parents. Rapping. About their kids.

It's comedic genius. And so many parents love because it's not only true, but realistic too. The stars of the video somehow make changing diapers, making endless boxes of mac and cheese, and disciplining seem almost...cool.

Have you seen it?

I'll admit, I've watched it...ohhhh...at least half a dozen times. Today.

So, because it's Friday (and we all deserve a little light-hearted humor on a Friday), I'm going to share it with you all.