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Do You Have DWTS Fever?

September 27,2010
It's safe to say I have a new obsession. I'm not usually one to really "get into" television shows, but my roommates have gotten me hooked on Dancing with the Stars. I tried to fight it, but I can honestly say I look forward to Monday and Tuesday nights now. Aside from the professional dancing (which never fails to make me wish I took up dancing at a young age and stuck with it), it is really neat to see how much each "star" improves week to week. Do you remember Nicole Scherzinger from last season? Her skills rivaled the pros! And I have to say-- I was a little sad to see David Hasselhoff go the other night. Was he a good dancer? No way. But he certainly was entertaining to watch. He was almost like the male version of Pamela Anderson from last season. (And for those of you who watched last season, you know how entertaining SHE was.) But, of all the contestants this season, Jennifer Grey is definitely going to be my favorite. Aside from the fact that she's already a great dancer, Dirty Dancing is one of my all time favorite movies. (Isn't it for every girl out there?) And besides, her first dance was dedicated to Patrick Swayze. Adorable. So, how many of you out there watch DWTS? Who's your favorite this season? And were you sad to see The Hoff go, or do you think he didn't really have a place on the show to begin with? And most importantly, will you be tuning in tonight? I'm going to be traveling out of the country until Tuesday, so I'm counting on all of you to keep me up to date on what I miss!