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Did the TSA Go Too Far?

March 20,2012

A wheelchair-bound child traveling with his parents, siblings, and grandparents to Disney World was recently stopped by TSA agents at Chicago's O'Hare airport.

As his father videotaped, an agent gave the boy a pat down and swabbed his wheelchair and cast. (The swabs were to detect any explosive material.)

Although the boy was visibly upset, nobody from his family was allowed to touch him or hold his hand. The video shows him fighting back tears, asking for his mom, and squirming in his wheelchair.

The TSA agent is seen gently asking the boy questions, presumably to put him at ease. He gives the boy a manual pat down, checks under his shirt, and then swaps his cast and wheelchair before sending the family on their way.

Go here to see the whole video.

What are your thoughts? Did the TSA agent go too far? Or was he just doing his job? Weigh in with your thoughts!