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Celebrate Diversity on MLK Day

January 18,2013

As we enter into the long weekend, remember that (while nice) Monday isn't just another day off from work and school.

Take some time with your kids to learn more about the life of Martin Luther King, and celebrate diversity with activities and crafts that outline his life and accomplishments.

Need some help getting started? That's where we come in! We have tons of ideas and activities to help honor this civil rights hero.

Print off these famous African-American coloring pages and talk about the accomplishments of each while your child (and you!) color them.

Have your child write down his own dreams, and then talk about them.

Have your kids take this MLK quiz for kids (and you can take this one for parents) to see how much you know about this leader.

Use this pictorial timeline to learn about the events of MLK's life.

Find out how young activists have contributed to diversity, and talk about ways your kids can help contribute to bettering their community.

Looking for more ideas? Check out these Martin Luther King resources!

Have a great weekend everyone!