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Birth control pills will get you suspended

April 16,2009
A recent article in the Washington Post highlighted an interesting conflict in schools today. A teenage girl was suspended for 2 weeks for taking her birth control pill during lunch, violating the school's "no pill" policy. I understand the need to curb drug abuse in schools, but in a nation struggling with sky-rocketing teen pregnancy rates, what message does this send? Be responsible for your health, and you'll be punished? Would a teen boy getting caught with condoms face the same punishment? I don't think so. That may not be quite the same, but you get my point. According to the school's handbook, a student caught high on LSD or any other drug would receive a 5 day suspension. The hefty 10 day suspension this teen received was the same if she had brought a gun to school. Are you KIDDING me? As the article rightly points out, "to put birth control pills in the same category as illegal drugs and handguns stigmatizes responsible behavior". I could not agree more. In my opinion, this action taken by the school is grossly ignorant. This school needs to take a close look at their policies, consider the teen pregnancy rates plaguing the nation, get off their power trip, and perhaps send their administrators to a sex ed class. What is your opinion on this matter? Do you think schools should stick to their policies, with no exceptions? Or should the policies be rewritten to allow birth control pills to be taken at school?