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Are we wasting money on multivitamins?

February 16,2009
Every morning when I come into work, I diligently choke down a multivitamin the size of a baseball with my morning oatmeal. Okay, maybe it isn't the size of a baseball, but for someone who despises swallowing pills, it certainly seems like it. Well, it's the price I need to pay for health, right? People take vitamins for many health reasons, such as to protect themselves against cancer or lower their risks for heart attack and stroke. However, I recently read an article on Yahoo health that suggests Americans are wasting their money on multivitamins, and these pills may actually have no effect on these health issues at all. Instead of investing in these pills, the article suggests we should focus on eating the right foods that provide us with these essential vitamins, as well as other essential nutrients. I do agree that vitamins can be ingested through a proper diet, and if possible, should be. And yes, I try very hard to eat healthy, but sometimes it's just not possible. And to tell you the truth, sometimes it's just easier to pop that baseball-sized pill every morning. In a way, it gives me peace of mind to know that even if I don't eat right that day, then hey! At least I got all my vitamins! But am I doing this for nothing? Do you take a multivitamin everyday? And if so, will this article make you think twice about it?