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And the Winners Are...

May 15,2012

The SSA has released the list of the most popular baby names for last year, and it appears reality television, movies, and religion influence the monikers we bestow upon our offspring.

Jacob topped the list for boys for the 13th year in a row. With its ties to religion, and with the 4th and final movie of the Twilight series set to be released later this year, my bet is that this name still has a few more years as number one before it's toppled by another movie-influenced name. (Peeta or Gale, maybe?)

While "Snooki" hasn't cracked the top 1,000 (yet), another familiar reality TV name came in second place for the first time-- Mason.

If you are a fan of the Kardashians (which, I admit-- I find them oddly fascinating), you'll know that is oldest sister Kourtney's son's name.

She's currently pregnant with her second child (a girl!), so time will only tell if this Kardashian-themed trend continues.

For now, Sophia reigns supreme as the top girl's name for the first time, beating out Isabella, which dropped to second.

The fastest rising girl's name, Briella, is the name of another reality-TV star from New Jersey. Although I'm not as familiar with that show (it's about hairdressers?!), it must be somewhat popular in order to explain the 394 spot jump that name made.

In addition to reality TV and movies, religion, specifically the Old Testament, holds its own on the baby-naming list, with names like Noah, Elijah, and Joshua all cracking the top 20.

Curious to know what other names made the list? Find the SSA's top 10 list here.

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