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21 Words that Don't Translate Between Generations

November 01,2011

Back in the day, "tweet" was something a bird said. Now? It's what shows up on one your social media feeds.

Spam was canned ham, not unwanted and annoying emails.

And roaming certainly wasn't something your phone did. (How could it, when it was attached to your wall by a long cord?) Oh no- roaming was reserved for the buffaloes on the open plain.

Over the generations, some pretty common words have taken on newer, more modern definitions dubbed by today's youth.

CD, Like, Text-- depending on your age, all three of these words could have very different meanings.

I got a kick out of this article that lists 21 words and their generational definitions.

I'm kind of at the in-between age that I know the meanings of both definitions, but when using the words myself, I tend use most in the more modern sense.

I think what's even funnier than the article are the comments some people have shared.

My personal favorite? The one where a mother brought her daughter to a tag sale that was selling old vinyl records, and her daughter picked one up and said, "Look at this HUUUUGE CD, Mom!"

In what context are you most likely to use these terms-- old or new? Have you ever used a word that your child didn't know the "old" definition of? Do you have anything to add?

We'd love to hear your funny stories!