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Wii workouts

December 01,2009
Julie Deaner
To go along with the previous blog post, my after-work runs have deteriorated to zilch. I have always fantasized about having the willpower to run before work, but I'm not much of a morning person. And then there was Thanksgiving. My sister and I cooked all day and who could run after a meal like that? And not to mention the bitter New England chill that is making its way into my bones. But enough with the excuses. I have sweatshirts, hats, and thermal running pants. But what about when it gets way too cold to run outside? Well, ever since I decided to splurge and get a Wii, I have started to seriously consider adding the Wii Fit into my exercise regiment. But I am a little skeptical if it would give me ideal workout that I want. wii workout I'm not one for going to a gym. I've always thought, "Why spend money on a pricey gym membership, when I can run outside for free." And when it comes to doing a yoga class, well, I am afraid I might just embarrass myself with my lack of flexibility. But maybe the yoga program on the Wii Fit will give me that little boost of confidence that I need to properly prepare myself for a real yoga class. I've read the raving reviews on Amazon about it. I'm not really looking to lose weight, maybe tone up my mashed-potato muscles. Does anyone out there have one who has had positive results that show? Let me know your story, and I'll keep you posted on mine!