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Water bottle, what? What?

September 22,2009
Julie Deaner
Just about everywhere you turn now you can spot someone with a Sigg aluminum water bottle. Not only are these convenient and reusable, but they help eliminate the waste of plastic water bottles. Another benefit was that they were supposed to be BPA free. Well, guess what, they aren't! Can I get a RECALL?! Apparently, after months of avoiding the subject, Sigg CEO, Steve Wasik, announced that Sigg water bottles manufactured before August of last year contain BPA in their epoxy liner. What a bummer. But don't lose hope! There is an exchange program where you can exchange your old Sigg water bottle for a new BPA-free one. I also heard through the grapevine that Whole Foods Markets are also participating in the exchange. Not sure what BPA is? Bisphenol A has been shown to be an estrogen-like endocrine disruptor which which may lead to negative health effects if the dosage is high. BPA has been suspected of being hazardous since the 1930's, but concerns in consumer products only recently made news in 2008. Most companies have been removing BPA from their food and drinking containers, hopefully that is a trend that will spread quickly!