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Texting on the trolley

May 12,2009
Julie Deaner
It almost seems that the more technology progresses to make life easier, the worse things become. Almost like what The Notorious BIG said, "Mo' money, mo' problems." I am specifically talking about cell phones. They’ve became a problem in classrooms, a distraction to drivers, and now they’ve caused an uproar on the MBTA here in Boston. Yup, that’s right, who would have thought you can’t text and drive a train at the same time! An MBTA trolley driver was texting his girlfriend when he rear-ended another trolley at a busy station, sending 49 people to the hospital. How lovely! I ride the bus and train everyday into work (not that I have a choice), and even though they are rarely on time, I still trust these drivers to get me to and from work safely. What in the world could you be texting about while on the job? "Hi QTpie, wut u up 2?" "Oh, u no, drving a choo choo." C'mon! You are operating a massive train carrying hundreds of people! How long have we actually had cell phones… five, six years? What did we ever do before cell phones? Have we really come to rely so much on this technology that constantly connects us with people through texting that we lost the true value of face-to-face communication? I find it extremely annoying and rude when out with friends, and one is constantly on their phone texting. If the people you are with are boring you so much that you have to entertain yourself with your phone, why even bother showing up? Try going off the grid once in awhile. First, don’t text your girlfriend while driving a train. Next, leave your cell phone at home when you are out with friends. I know cell phones are convenient in emergencies and coordinating plans, but we all did it once in our past life. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have a cell phone, I use it, but I also don’t text while driving a train full of passengers. On a lighter note, who saw the new Star Trek movie?