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Six Ways to Kill Piper

June 02,2009
Julie Deaner
The internet has really expanded the way kids and teens communicate with each other. Elementary and middle school are tough enough as it is, add a sprinkle of cyber bullying in there, and have the best time of your life! So if you’re an 11-year-old girl in 6th grade, would you rather be picked on in school by being called names and pushed into lockers, or would you rather have a short film made about you? What if the film was about how to kill you? Sounds pretty extreme, hu? A group of sixth-grade girls made a cartoon titled "Top Six Ways to Kill Piper" depicting ways to kill their classmate, Piper. The group of girls did this in their own free time. Now, here are a couple of things to take in. First, it is a bit impressive that these girls made a cartoon, too bad they have poor taste in subject matter. Second, they spent a good amount of time on a project about someone they seem to hate so much, Piper should almost be flattered. I know, I know. I sound like a parent trying to teach their child to take the high road. But really, there isn’t anything else you can do. I’m sure the girls thought it was a hilarious idea when they were making it, but now I bet they are ashamed to even show their face in school. And if they aren’t, well...then they have much deeper issues they will need to deal with, like not having a conscience. When I was in middle school, the internet was just on its way into homes. There was very minimal cyber bullying; it was mostly face-to-face mocking, name calling, and light physical contact. I can’t even imagine adding crude mass e-mails, horrible, mocking videos, harassing instant messages, and whatever else these young minds can even think of. Piper’s mother said that some parents took concern, while other parents blew it off. A big question in this topic is; who is responsible? Are the parents responsible? It’s not a good message to send to your easily molded children that this kind of behavior is okay. What would you do if you found out your child was part of a mean hoax towards other kids? Would you question your parenting skills, or the friends your child is hanging out with?