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School lunches: dull and dangerous!

January 05,2010
Julie Deaner
It's a new year, and most resolutions are for a new you. But what about your kids? Don't they deserve a better diet and healthier food? Sadly you can't count on your child's school to provide them with a nutritious or even safe lunch, yikes! According to a USA TODAY investigation, for the past three years the government has provided schools with beef and chicken that McDonalds, Burger King, and KFC have turned their noses up at! And you thought fast food was bad for you! Fast food companies test their ground beef for bacteria and dangerous pathogens five to 10 times more often than the USDA tests beef made for schools. The USDA also supplies schools with meat from "spent hens" -- old birds past their egg-laying prime -- that usually go to compost or pet food. Mmm...Dog food for lunch! My favorite! So let's think of ways to avoid this disaster. Growing up, my mom always packed our lunches. It was a privilege I took for granted but will always appreciate. I know that mothers are busier than ever now, but here are some quick tips to send your kids to school with a healthy lunch.
  • Try out our Lunchbox Builder! Customize with different sandwich, soup, produce, snack, and drink options.
You can even design a simple note to spruce up your child's lunch and make them smile. Warning: may cause slight embarrassment among peers with older kids! We all get in a rush some times, but hopefully these quick lunch ideas will keep your child healthy AND safe during lunchtime.