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Reduce, reuse, and eat!

March 03,2009
Julie Deaner
So, we all like saving money, don't we? YES! And we all like being earth-friendly, right? RIGHT! Well, my sister recently invested in a couple of reusable items that make packing lunch easier, more earth-friendly, and less wasteful. All of which makes food taste so much better! First, stop buying those plastic sandwich bags and start using the clever, reusable wrap-n'-mats. Made of cloth with a lining of phthalate, lead, and BPA-free plastic, these mats wrap securely around fruits, vegetables, sandwiches, chips, or other loose foods. Not only do they keep your food clean and protected, they also provide a clean eating area. Just unwrap, and your food and a personal place mat are laid out in front of you. Next, do you carry your lunch in a plastic or paper bag every day? Well, stop being such a Wasteful Wendy and hop on the bandwagon of fashionable lunch bags! BUILT® NY lunch totes come in several shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, depending on what you will use them for. They don't just design for snacking, but also for life. There are numerous options to choose from: lunch bags, laptop covers, water bottle totes, even diaper bags and changing pads! Even better, everything is machine washable, insulated, and protective. So there you go, these two simple items can save you money and help save the earth!