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Plastic makes perfect

October 13,2009
Julie Deaner
Plastic surgery has always been a controversial issue. Sure you could have had a deviated septum, but most go under to improve their physical appearance. But have we gone too far as to create a beauty pageant just for women who have had plastic surgery? I don't think that plastic surgery should be idealized, but what's the big deal if someone had plastic surgery and was a participant in Miss America, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Universe, or whatever other "Miss" you can think of? They are beauty pageants, aren't they? No, wait, I just did a wikipedia search and they prefer "scholarship pageant," sorry. But there are plenty of public figures who have gone under the knife. Well, one young lady was kicked out of the Miss Intercontinental pageant in July because she had had plastic surgery. But no worries, China is hosting a Miss Plastic Surgery pageant, AKA "Artificial Beauty Pageant," with the final competition this weekend. Now, if you ask me, the contestants should have their doctors escort them on stage, after all, they are the ones responsible for their beauty, aren't they?