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Labor Day activities

September 01,2009
Julie Deaner
Labor Day is Monday, September 7th. So congratulations to everyone who has survived layoffs and job cuts in this recession, time to celebrate. For all you slackers, get to work! Just kidding. Labor Day is bitter sweet for me. It's a bummer since it marks the end of summer, but autumn is my favorite season and we get a long weekend! Hooray for long weekends! How do you plan celebrating Labor Day? Let's see, you could take it for what it's worth and have a lazy day. Here are some steps to successfully have a lazy day:
  • Refuse to shower or brush your teeth
  • Stay in your pajamas all day
  • Eat junk food and watch movies all day.
Now, that is putting lazy into real practice. I'm sure you can find some other totally anti-productive things to not do if you are really uncreative about it. Cookout, anyone? Celebrate with one last BBQ blowout during the warmish weather. Find tips on how to have an eco-friendly barbeque from a previous post! Spend the weekend at the beach. If you are close to a family friend beach or lake, pack up your beach bag and the kids to catch some of the last rays of summer. If you have young children, you can spend the day creating Labor Day crafts! Since Labor Day celebrates workers, you can celebrate different professions with these great activities. Whatever you decide to do this Labor Day, be safe, have fun, and be ready to welcome fall with open arms!