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Kitty cat company

January 27,2009
Julie Deaner
If you live in the city, cats are the perfect companions. They basically care for themselves, except for their daily feeding and litter cleaning. I have two male cats and they always welcome me home after work and curl up with me on a cold day. Stewart, left, is five and a gentle giant. The Little One, right (I got him as a kitten and the name stuck when comparing him to Stewart), is three; he's the rambunctious one. As much as I love my fuzzy roommates, they drive me equally crazy. Stewart has found a new hobby: jumping up my doorways and sliding down with his claws, causing damage to the wood of the door frame. And his favorite pastime is sitting at the door meowing for hours. The Little One has some jealousy issues that take my time away from Stewart. He is always up in everyone's face, and pushes Stewart out of the way for attention. I am not sure if there are ways to train grown cats, but I've tried putting foil up on the doorways and have plenty of scratching posts. If anyone has any other suggestions, I would appreciate the help!