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Holiday travel hustle n' bussel

December 16,2008
Julie Deaner

Like it or not, traveling during the holiday season is a tradition. Whether you pack up your family to visit others, or your extended family comes to your house, lots of preparation and time are involved.

I am traveling by plane back to my parents' house in Ohio, with my sister, brother-in-law, and 16-month-old niece, Elle. With the growing airline fees on checked bags, we are sure to pack light. Elle is already a very experienced flier, and we've learned that there are some things to take into consideration when flying with a toddler.

-Choose the bulkhead or front-row seats for extra foot room and space.

-Pack plenty of toys and books to keep your toddler entertained and occupied.

-A sippy cup is a must. We purchase water or juice after passing through security, to make sure she has something to drink and stays hydrated during the flight.

-Snacks are a sure way to keep my niece happy. She loves small crunchy snacks like Cheerios.

-Of course, we also pack all of the necessities for her diaper bag.

If you are traveling by car, make sure your child is comfortable and entertained. To keep peace between siblings or just to entertain, keep an activity bag with coloring pages, crayons, travel games, music, books, or other activities your child favors. There are also plenty of games to play as a family while traveling together.

 To keep kids from fighting, try leaving enough space between each child to avoid physical contact. During long trips, make frequent stops to avoid "cabin fever." Also, try mapping out your route and stops to help avoid the infamous line, "Are we there yet?"

Let us know if you have any special techniques for keeping your kids happy and entertained on those long trips during the holidays.

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