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Holiday foods that are horrible for you

December 15,2009
Julie Deaner
With the holidays, comes food. And lots of it. I know when I go home I can't get enough of my mom's dirty cookin'. I overindulge till I am moaning on the couch. But do you know which hors d'oeuvres and dishes are the absolute worst for you? I found this list on of some horrible holiday favorites, and alternatives your hips will thank you for later!
  1. Cheese Straws. As much as I love cheese, these things sound gross. These bad boys are loaded with cheddar cheese, flour, and a disgusting amount of butter. Cheese and crackers, pretzels, popcorn, and even chips and salsa are a better choice.
  2. Swedish meatballs. I whimpered a bit when I saw this one on the list. If the version at your house is served with the heavy cream, white bread, butter, and 300 calories (300 calories of deliciousness!) then opt for some shrimp cocktail or mixed nuts. Or convince the chef for a lighter version.
  3. Eggnog. I've actually never had eggnog, but it never seemed appetizing. The eggs always turned me off. Reach for some hot chocolate, spiced cider, or sparkling fruit juice instead.
  4. Stuffed potatoes. Baked potatoes are great for you, it's all the delicious toppings that make it bad. Use low-fat dairy products instead. Pile it up with veggies and sprinkle with turkey bacon.
  5. Creamed Spinach. Well, creamed corn is on my list of favorites, but not creamed spinach. But like any veggies mixed with heavy cream and cheese, it's bound to be bad for you. Lighten it up with low-fat cream and cheese, or just have the veggie straight up.
  6. Pot roast. Oh come on!!! We can't cut a break here! Pot roast? Okay, if you think about the amount of fat in a pot roast, many would rather white turkey meat or even a lean beef tenderloin. Those are some decent alternatives.
  7. Fruitcake. Why anyone would eat this, is beyond me. And if you like it, you shouldn't. It is loaded with corn syrup -- and you don't want to know my feelings on corn syrup! You'd be better off with the traditional, and tasty, pumpkin pie.
  8. Pecan pie. Pie, pie pie! Nuts are full of good fat, right? Well, pecans are a pretty high-calorie nut, and throw sugar, butter, and corn syrup (grrr) in the mix, well, it's just a mess. Since everyone likes dessert, try lighter versions of fruit pies.
So, I hope this list didn't throw you off of your holiday favorites too much. I was happy to see that spinach dip wasn't on the list. It's full of sour cream, but let's just pretend the spinach evens it all out. Happy eating this holiday season, everyone!