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Helmets, the new sports accessory

January 20,2009
Julie Deaner
This past weekend, I picked up a new winter sportsnowboarding. After watching little kids on boards zoom past us with precise control, we decided to hit the bunny hill. But on our second run the fun came to a halt. My friend took a back dive and banged her head so hard she blacked out. Now in the first-aid building, we were discussing the importance of helmets. Growing up, I never wore a helmet: not when rollerblading down our steep neighborhood hill, bike riding along the road, skateboarding down driveways, or constructing go-carts to speed down hills. When you are a child, you have no fear. Now we live in a much more aware and cautious world. Unlike when I was a child, children are growing up thinking that helmets are a normal accessory for most sports, and not a choice. When we were kids, if you sent a cracked helmet back to the company, they would send you a brand-new helmet. I only hope this policy still stands today, to encourage helmet use even more. My friend left the resort a bit shaken up with a pretty bad concussion. Needless to say, next time we hit the slopes, many of us will be renting helmets! We are interested to hear your thoughts on helmets, and what safety rules you enforce with your kids.