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Have a green Easter

March 24,2009
Julie Deaner
The Easter bunny is stretching and getting ready for his April 12 rounds. He will be delivering colorful eggs, chocolates, and surprises for all. But along with all the Easter bunny's goodies comes a lot of waste. There isn't much about Easter that screams cheap and eco-friendly. But what if Easter could be as green as spring? Here are some tips that will save the Earth from extra waste and save you from shelling out too much dough: Recycle: Chocolates and Easter eggs come in a huge amount of packaging. Make sure to recycle all cardboard packaging, old Easter cards, and foil. And as usual recycle glass, bottles, jars, tins, newspapers, plastic ware, paper plates, etc. Make your own basket: This is a great craft to make with your kids. The Easter bunny loves to fill baskets with goodies that were made from the heart. If you do decide to buy a basket, purchase a quality baskets that you can reuse every year. Fill the basket with recyclables: Instead of buying plastic grass, make your own. Paint newspaper or scrap paper green, let dry, then shred. You can also buy paper grass that can be recycled. Ditch the egg dying kits and go natural: Try dying Easter eggs the organic way. Here are what you would use as colors:
  • For pink and red colored eggs use cranberry juice, beets, or raspberries.
  • For yellow eggs use saffron or tumeric.
  • For purple eggs use red wine.
  • For blue eggs use red cabbage leaves or blueberries.
  • For brown eggs use grape juice, rosehip tea, or coffee.
  • For orange eggs use yellow onion skins.
Make your own eggs: Ever since I started crocheting, I have been obsessed with making little animals. Instead of buying plastic eggs, knit or crochet your own reusable wool eggs. You can find tons of free patterns on the internet to make eggs, bunnies, chicks, and other holiday-related animals. Skip the sugar: Avoid the week long sugar-high by packing your kid's basket with organic candies. Yummy Earth makes lots of tasty and organic treats that are healthier for everyone. Or you could make your own candy. We have great recipes for homemade candy like rock candy, and taffy. I know that a lot of people are becoming more conscious of the environment, but right now, I think more are conscious about their wallets. I hope some of these tips help with both.