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Earth Day excitement

April 21,2009
Julie Deaner
So, I was waiting at the bus station the other day and this older woman unwraps a Werther’s Original Caramel (how perfect) and throws the wrapper on the ground. I look at her, she looks at me. I look at the wrapper on the ground, turn my head, and look at the trash can behind her. I look back at the woman, who is still staring at me, and then I glance back down at the wrapper. I think she got the point, but being as old as she was, I still had to pick up the wrapper and throw it out. With that in mind, tomorrow is Earth Day! I bet everyone is getting ready to use their reusable lunch bags, turn off and unplug unused electronics, purchase only organic foods, and do anything else you can think of to save the earth… for one day. Earth Day is a holiday that is majorly overlooked by the general public. It shouldn’t even be a holiday anymore; it should be common sense and a daily goal. There are so many times that I see the above example happen and everyone just turns a blind eye. A question I find myself asking friends when at their apartment/home is if they recycle. It amazes me at the amount of people who don’t. And THAT is just about the easiest step in helping out the environment. Just because you don’t have recycle pick up at your place doesn’t mean you can’t separate your own recyclables and take them to a drop off. You even get paid out of this effort, even if it’s just pocket change. Going green is a trend you shouldn’t be ashamed of following. Here at FamilyEducation, we have great information on what you can do to start making the right steps towards a greener lifestyle. Here are just a few EASY things you can do to start making the right changes. I am interested, and I am sure others are too, at what you do to help out the earth. Share your ideas so the going green trend can become even more contagious!