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A classic comes to life

April 07,2009
Julie Deaner
Another classic children's book comes to life on the silver screen. Personally, I think this one looks like the movie of the year! Maurice Sendak's classic children's books, Where The Wild Things Are comes alive on the big screen October 16th. Directed by Spike Jonze, the trailer sucked me back to my childhood immediately. I was a huge fan of these books growing up, and I was swept back in time when I saw the book in motion while watching the trailor. When I was younger, I grew up on classics like The Goonies, Little Monsters, Pete's Dragon, and ET. I think Where The Wild Things Are will be this generations classic children's movie. This movie will exceed all my expectations. The character's detailed costumes look amazing, not to mention the great story line. Even though I am not a child (except at heart) I know I will be seeing this movie!